Me, on the Inside

In public, I’m not very bold. I’m more of an observer. Tall, dark, handsome, mysterious…in my head, anyway. But on the inside, this is me:

And if you think this means that deep down I’m a fabulous drag queen, you’re right, even though I don’t (regularly) practice this art.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-12953-1355161575-18I love French.

tumblr_mhb298y4KJ1qazkdco1_500I’m unsociable, but very fashionable.

tumblr_mej54kD9iW1rjhbn2o1_400Me, in 10 years.

tumblr_ma9nqsfaM11ql5yr7o1_400All the time.

tumblr_mk1cbn7JwZ1s3tqwco1_500When I get off the treadmill.

tumblr_mjup53E5It1r6qguso3_250When I feel particularly well dressed.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-14745-1369083096-3Me around peasants.

tumblr_mnt57nSei11r3gb3zo1_250Before leaving the house.

tumblr_my7k83f61j1rn3wdzo1_400I’m incredibly British for an American gentleman.

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