Lady Gaga’s “Princess Die”

I don’t often post short blogs, I like to think of this site as more of a narrative of my life, but this new website makes it so easy to publish anything, that I think I will post more gorgeous little things, even if they don’t tell a story–they still tell a bit of who I am by what I like.

I am currently obsessed with Lady Gaga’s song, “Princess Die,” that she performed in Melbourne. It’s tragic. It’s gorgeous. I love sad songs. “Leave the coffin open when I go
Leave my pearls and lipstick on so everybody knows. Pretty will be the photograph I leave.” Le sigh… I will always choose a sad song over a happy song. I should make a Spotify playlist of my favorite tragic ballads to share with you. I’m a very happy person, but there’s something about minor music that appeals to me.

Have you heard “Chasing Rainbows,” by Judy Garland? It nearly makes me sob. (It does, actually. That one’s almost autobiographical.)

And have you heard “L’homme que J’aimerai,” by Édith Piaf. If you speak French, you’ll break down, even if you don’t, you’ll still manage to understand somehow.

Don’t worry. I shan’t leave you sobbing. Here’s Amalia Rodrigues’ “Blue Moon” which is one of the most deliciously romantic songs I know.

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