Why Don’t You #26



Why don’t you spend the entire day speaking in a ridiculous accent? Do whatever you think is best. Perhaps French or Russian or Italian or even Southern American? It’ll be such fun! Call yourself Pierre or Vlad or Pablo or John Bob or something and create a fantastical backstory!


Why don’t you transform an unused room or your entire basement into a tropical oasis? Hang up a massive mural of the ocean. Line the walls with real palm trees. Put in some nice sunlights everywhere. Add a chaise lounge or maybe a hammock? Play some Caribbean music. Install a margarita machine. Put the temperature up to ninety and put a fan on low. Enjoy.


Why don’t you print out a big map of the world and create a round-the-world itinerary? Put a pin in all the cities and sites you want to see, then tie a string from point to point. It will be a lovely reminder to be more adventurous with your travels; going to Europe every summer is nice, but why not explore a bit more?


Why don’t you put on a massive fake mustache and go to a restaurant with a journal and pretend to be a food critic? This will obviously be great fun for you. Maybe the staff will even give you a free dessert if you’re convincing enough.


Why don’t you live within your means…within reason? There’s no fun in budgets and never doing anything fun just because you can’t afford it. Don’t go crazy, but buy something once in a while that truly makes you happy — like the tickets to Dawn French that I just booked.

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