Why Don’t You? #101



Why don’t you pick an out-of-style designer and buy a bunch of cheap pieces off eBay to have tailored? I’ve grown fond of Yves Saint Laurent’s men’s line from the 70s. (Look, reader, I never thought I’d turn into a hippy, either. I think it’s the hair.) Not exactly crazy about the fit, but that is the genius of the tailor. They can transform your wardrobe (and your life) for a pittance. I  will never understand why we moved away from custom made clothing. Having fittings used to be normal, now it’s an extravagance. But it’s so worth it. Next paycheck, I will be hitting up the auctions. Fashion is worth every penny. 

Why don’t you make a backsplash out of junk you have sitting around? That is one project that has been haunting me since I started renovations. It still glares at me whenever I go into the kitchen. I need to bite the bullet and just do something. Anything will look better than a rough wall. I have two ideas; wallpaper the backsplash with antique maps or fit the space with a piece of corrugated aluminum. I’m leaning that way because it’s cheap, should look decent, and I’ve never seen something like that before. Wish me luck, reader.

Why don’t you hire a domestic to take care of your home? I don’t know how economical this would be, but it’s surely worth it. My house is too big and my yard is basically a medium-sized park. It’s impossible to keep up with it all, especially when I work and go to school every day. I usually pass out somewhere in the house and wake up at three o’clock with a kink in my neck and melancholy in my heart. If I had somebody taking care of the cleaning, I could do the rest of what I need to do and sleep, too! Oh, what a wonderful world that would be to come home to well tended gardens, a perfectly tidy house, and staff to bring me a Perrier menthe. Le sigh…

Why don’t you challenge yourself to experiment with your wardrobe? I have been so accustomed to wearing black and white and black and black for so long, that I find it tricky to wear anything else. So, at H&M, I picked up a bright yellow sweater that really spoke to me. It’s huge, but I feel trendy in it. I look like a ridiculously oversized dandelion, but I’m having a good time. I just need to throw out all the other clothes I never wear and embrace color. Or maybe I’ll just keep wearing black. I love black.


Why don’t you go shopping for a bunch of self help books (which doesn’t say much for their merit, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )? We could all fix something about ourselves. I need a self help book on procrastination. I have one on my Amazon wish list, but I’ve procrastinated actually buying it, which I think is very telling… I also need a book to help me style my hair. I have had luxurious long hair for years now, but I still don’t know the first thing about making it look good unless I’m in California. In California my hair looks flawless naturally. It doesn’t make sense. Better yourself, reader. 

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