Why Don’t You? #120

Why don’t you donate all of your clothing that is still decent to charity and then buy a few good pieces to wear on rotation? I have been trying to do this for years, but I am deeply attached to my wardrobe. I don’t want all those shirts I never wear, but I struggle getting rid of them. I just want like five good, well-constructed shirts in my color scheme: black, white, grey, camel, and blue. Then I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed. I need somebody to just empty my closet while I’m out shopping. It’s so nice to simplify, I’ll do it eventually.

Why don’t you watch the Netflix DVDs you’ve had since June? People other than me have to do this, too. I can’t be the only one who pays $10 a month to watch maybe three DVDs a year. It’s uneconomical, but I like the convenience of the service, so I’ll keep paying it. Last night, I watched a movie that I have had since the last school year. It wasn’t worth the wait, hopefully the next one will be better. I’ll get around to it sometime next year probably. Oh well.

Why don’t you set some kind of intention for the day and manifest your dreams into reality? I thought about a couple things out of my control that I wanted to happen last night before bed. Nothing major, nothing huge, but they both came true the next day, so I’m weirded out. They weren’t likely to happen, either, reader, so I’m fairly convinced about my manifestation abilities. I wonder if it will keep happening? Guess I will keep visualizing a selfie with Harry Styles. I am going to Hollywood in a couple weeks…

Why don’t you start popping a bunch of pills? I want to take that seaweed supplement for some reason…I don’t remember…and then I need to take Silica because allegedly Harry Styles takes them by the fistful. It makes your hair grown strong, shiny, and fast. After that whole Gilenya hair loss issue I went through this summer, I’m ready to sign right up. Take bunches of vitamins and whatnot to become a better version of yourself.

Why don’t you learn to play some obscure instrument to bust out at some undecided point in the future? I’ve told you all about the accordion that I have sitting upstairs waiting for me to figure out how to use it. I mean, I get the gist, and I can play a song, but I don’t have the easy splendor of a vagabond on the Paris Métro. Someday I’ll get there, and then I will stun somebody by sawing out “Sous le Ciel de Paris.” What a treat that’ll be.

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