Really, Really Bored

I don’t think that Ma ever really slept last night waiting to leave. I did, because I knocked myself out with NyQuil (whoever invented that should really get some kind of award). Groggily, Ma woke me up and left. She was very brave and didn’t cry too much…

Barely coherent, I fell back into bed and slept until one o’clock in the afternoon. I woke up with a fever which made me angry. I still felt pretty crappy with a constant sore throat and on and off fevers which drive me insane.

I forced myself to eat some cottage cheese and drink some orange juice, but I could hardly manage it. After eating, I decided I should go out and walk around a bit to see if that would make me feel any better. (It didn’t.)

One thing that does always make me feel better is spending money, so I went back to the Galeries Lafayette to look at the sales. People are crazy there, rummaging like mad through things that they would never wear — yet they are fifty percent off, so they will now. The amount of clothing that was hideous (not hideous chic) was hilarious. I walked past a wall of mirrors next to the dressing rooms and snorted when I saw the reflection of what some people were wearing, and considering buying.

I bought myself something and left to go to the Louvre to buy a season pass. While passing through the Metro, I saw a beggar woman who had a cat and dog. I miss my Tiger desperately, so I gave her some money and then petted the cat. It was very friendly, and the beggar was as well. The train to the Louvre was awful. It stopped in the middle of the tracks for no reason and we sat there for probably 20 minutes. When we finally got to the Louvre stop, the power surged or something because all of the lights went out in the train and the stop. People screamed for a few seconds until the power came back on. I felt sure I was about to die in a terrorist attack, but that never happened.

I can’t figure out how to enter directly into the Louvre, so when I got out of the Metro, I was somewhere I had never been and had to walk a long time before I could find the Louvre, it was strange.

At the museum, it is only fifteen euros to buy a pass that is valid for a whole year compared to nine euros for a daily pass. This will only work if you are under 26, though. The age of youth in France is much older than it is in America, 12 year olds are considered adults at Disney World. Paris is a good city about student and youth discounts, though, almost everywhere has a discount for something that isn’t too hard to get.

I entered the ticket office and stood around for probably an hour waiting for my turn with the ticket agent. I finally got my little pass with my picture on it, but by then, was too tired to hassle with going to the museum…figures.

I was going to go and look in my locker at school to see if I had left a shirt and my ID there, because I thought I had brought them both back, but they’re not here, but it was already six o’clock then, so I just came back.

I tried to watch 30 Rock and Kath & Kim on, but they didn’t work because I’m not in the United States, so I had to find someplace to download them. As I watched TV and ate my chicken and rice, I realized how dreadfully boring I am. There are so many things that I could be doing, but I am content to sit on my suede couch for hours at a time as the magic of Paris washes around everybody else. Oh well….

I’m bored.

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