Today was a day full of nothing. I meant to do so much, yet did so very little. A bit irritating, but I’m not too bothered.

I woke up, ate some Cheerios, and running rather late, ran for the train. I had only five minutes to get to the school and dressed and up to the fourth floor by the time the train arrived at the station, so, I got in a bit of running today! I was lucky, as the Chef was running late, too!

In Practical we made Almond Tile Biscuits and these bland cookie things. I am not exactly sure what they were, they were really not very good. I always get frustrated on days when the pastries we make are so horribly uninteresting.

Anyway, anyway, anyway, everything went rather smoothly. The almond tile things are, I believe, 80% sliced almonds, and I don’t like almonds, so that was rather gross. The cookies were more up my alley, making them, not so much eating them. We had to pipe them out, and finally the Chef taught me how to properly do it. He looked at my attempts at making small rounds, which really weren’t that bad, but looked more like Hershey’s Kisses with those long tails, and said, “Tu fais des escargots?” (Are you making snails?) This made us both laugh and, now, I am one of the few who can properly pipe.

We had to top each cookie with rehydrated raisins, which was mindless and rather uninteresting, but the end effect was rather lovely. All the food was alright, and class was over.

It was only 11 o’clock in the afternoon, so I intended to accomplish some things which included the following, go to the grocery store, go to the Thanksgiving store, go to the Post Office, go to the Louvre, and go to Disneyland. I really had every intention on going to the most magical place in France (Disneyland) today, but I didn’t.

I checked my email, caught up on my celebrity gossip, and decided to finish reading my book, Dear Fatty, by Dawn French before I left. So, I did. It was very funny. Now that my comedic idols, French & Saunders, have retired, I’m not sure what I’ll do. They are the epitome of my comedy preferences, and nobody has replaced them yet. Craig Ferguson is doing a good job, but the format of his show is a talk show, not a sketch show, I still love it, though. Anyway, I’m boring you.

I closed my book, looked out the window, and I was asleep. I don’t know why. I wasn’t tired, maybe my subconscious was telling me not to leave for some reason. I woke up, five hours later to the sound of many voices out on the street. I stood up, looked out, and was astonished to see upwards of one hundred people milling about on the tiny street below. I don’t really have any idea as to why they were there. There are no stores that were open in that area. They all seemed to know each other…I didn’t get it. I’m glad they woke me up, though.

I had popcorn for dinner, as all of the grocery stores were closed by that time. And now, I’m going to bed.

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