Britney’s Back

Today’s practical wasn’t until 3:30pm, so I could sleep in and keep the hours I maintain, which are rather late by society’s standards. But, whatever.

When I woke up, I went through my morning routine, which is basically, go to the computer and read all the stories I missed when I was sleeping. There were two very, very important articles, so I’ll abbreviate them for you, because I thought you should share in the delight and emotion.

The first one was about Britney’s tour starting last night in New Orleans, now, if there are two things I love, it’s Britney Spears and New Orleans. I was delighted to read that the night had been magical and a triumph — since I’m going to see her April 3rd in Minneapolis. (Yeah for me!) Sure, she had lipsynched the whole thing and the dancing wasn’t perfect, but good God, compared to that MTV disaster last year, it was a return from the dead.

I don’t know why I love Britney Spears so much, there’s just something likable about her. I feel the same way about Paris Hilton. Everybody hates her, but I love her. All last year, I kept preparing myself for Britney’s imminent death — as she was drugged, hospitalized, proclaimed dead, lost her children, divorced, released a flop (which I loved, it is still one of her greatest works), got fat, looked like an underpaid stripper in her music video, getting heart tattoos on her wrist, shaving her head, beating vans with umbrellas, and then being proclaimed dead again. It was a scary year for a Britney fan, so, I am inspired, in a way, that she has got a bit of herself back. And, I would be lying if I didn’t admit a tear of joy rolled down my cheek as I saw her smile in this video from the tour.

After that, I learned that I had a free Kindle…super! Amazon released an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that lets you buy and read books meant for the Kindle without having a Kindle. I was super excited and wasted an hour setting it up and reading. I thought that I wouldn’t want a Kindle anymore, but I still do. It is kind of hard to read on an iPod Touch screen, the backlight tires your eyes. I saw a Kindle on the Metro today, which was strange, since they don’t work outside of the United States, well…I guess the could if you used the computer to retrieve data instead of a cellular network…sorry, I’m boring you. Anyway, I’m excited and I bought a Julia Child biography and feeling rather pleased with myself.

On the ride to school today I read more about Gloria Swanson. I love old Hollywood stars and the era itself. I could read all day about the greats: Joan Crawford, Gloria Swanson, Bette Davis…I just love them. I wish Hollywood still had the kind of magic that they had in the 30s, 40s, and early 50s. I may be alone, but I enjoyed the studio system of filmmaking. Anyway, poor Gloria was poisoned at 17 by her husband when he found out she was pregnant.

Soon, I was at school and the wacky atmosphere from yesterday resumed. Somehow, everybody became comedic, which I enjoyed to no end. For several weeks, there has been nothing but serious discussion on proportions and crap like that. It’s fun to make fun of others with others.

I made puff pastry for my pithivier. I don’t know why it had little brown spots on it, but, it turned out just fine. I had to measure my butter twice, which made me feel like an idiot, but in the end, everybody’s cake turned out beautifully, well aside from one or two. This was an exceptionally difficult thing to screw up.


During breaks, Jongin and I quizzed each other over the memorization. We both did pretty well.

Chef liked everything I did, which was nice, and then I ran home to study for my exam on Friday. I never study, but this is memorization, and you can’t genius your way through it.

On the Metro, I met Azham and we chatted for a while about nothing until we got separated by impatient passengers on the train.

Soon at home, I spent the evening memorizing the other two recipes. Now, I know them all with what I’d predict to be 90% accuracy…yeah!

Well, tomorrow is an early day, 8:30am! The indecency! So, I’m off to bed.

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