Why Don’t You? #2




Why don’t you write a letter to your favorite member of a boy band, confessing your undying love before he makes the mistake of his life by wedding some horrible creature he thinks he cares for?


Why don’t you take a half day off work and go take a nap? Catching up on sleep is just as important, if not more so, than having a checkup. Sleep is a miracle.


Why don’t you learn a new language? You may never attend Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, but why not know the basics of Portuguese? This could impress potential mates, come in handy on a game show, or save an ailing tourist’s life. Don’t be so unrefined as to simply know English!


Why don’t you design your own stationary, have it printed at some charming shop that still works off antique presses, and send irreverent letters and notes to your loved ones? You could also send sarcastic letters to those you loathe in your life. In fact, this would be much more fun. Besides, who doesn’t like finding a letter in their mailbox?


Why don’t you forget all about your to-do list or scheduled appointments and spend the evening lounging on your couch catching up on all the programs you’ve hoarded on your DVR? This kind of gluttonous binge watching is acceptable once in a while. You can go to the gym tomorrow. It’s not like you have fun there anyway.

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