Why Don’t You? #39



Why don’t you spend an afternoon deep cleaning all of your windows? I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but I think I shall soon. It’s so nice to see out into the world without spots or dead insects or fingerprints or Beysus-only-knows on your glass.


Why don’t you replace all the light fixtures in your house with chandeliers? This is an expense, surely, but there are lovely models at the Home Depot for under $100. Just think of how decadent life will be with a chandelier in every room!


Why don’t you drive down to Macy’s or go online and buy a completely new set of sheets? Don’t just stop at sheets, though! Get a new comforter and a bed skirt and fancy pillows with your initials embroidered on them with silken gold thread. If I wasn’t so awfully low on funds, I would absolutely redo my bed and make my sleeping chamber even more like a luxury resort.


Why don’t you binge watch an old British series on Netflix all day in bed? I’ve been going through Rosemary & Thyme like a delicious bar of chocolate. It’s so fun to sit around and watch a predictable (or sometimes not) comedy mystery all night long.


Why don’t you pack a backpack with all your important possessions, hop on a train and start your life over in some fabulous city somewhere far away? I think everybody should do this at least once. I know I will someday soon.

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