Why Don’t You? #91



Why don’t you send out a bunch of notes to your friends and family and people you know and want to brag to for the New Year? It’s too late for Christmas cards, but it is never a bad time to send out little missives. Chat about your triumphs, your trips, and anything else you want. Nobody sends out cards anymore, and it’s so nice to receive one. I got an email from a friend I haven’t heard from in months the other day, and it was just the sweetest thing. I can’t stop thinking about it. Be on everybody’s mind, reader.


Why don’t you start planning your next holiday season well in advance so that you have enough money and time to get it just right? Also, confer with your friends and loved ones so that you can decide if you’re exchanging gifts or not. It’s sometimes obscenely stressful to plan your celebrations. And then somebody you don’t expect gets you a gift! It’s too much. Far too much. So prepare, my dear readers. It’ll help.


Why don’t you put your music library on shuffle and rediscover all the music you used to love? I’d forgotten a great deal of what I had, but last night I had the greatest time singing along to Mahalia Jackson gospel classics and Judy Holliday musical numbers. They were both incredible, and I haven’t thought about them in years. Such fun! I love services like Apple Music and Spotify, but they don’t really let you reflect or remember your old favorites. It is just wonderful to dig in and revisit songs.


Why don’t you buy a theater and stage revivals of all the old Broadway hits? There are so many wonderful plays waiting to be revisited, with gorgeous scripts and beautiful music, but they languish and rot. The world needs to see plays like Bells Are Ringing live and enter the magical world of the musical. Why did I never get into acting? I should have. I regret that.


Why don’t you stop using a dryer to dry your clothing? I’m not going to do it right now because it’s like two degrees outside, and I don’t want to freeze to death hanging things on the line, but I’ve discovered that it is terribly damaging to use high heat on your clothes every few days. I don’t buy new clothes often, andI find them getting thinner, duller, and slightly smaller all the time. It’s a travesty for fashion. I wish I had a clothing line in my basement like my grandmother did. That was smart.

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