I’ve Already Forgotten

Today was very unmemorable, so forgive me if this is boring, because I don’t really remember anything that happened.

School was at 3:30 in the afternoon, so I slept in a bit before waking up to go to the grocery store. I was completely out of food and living off of Smarties, which wasn’t as bad as it sounds. I had every intention of getting food, but I was so drawn in by the uncomfortable, unlikely, and hilarious combination of Nigella Lawson and Marilyn Manson on The Graham Norton Show. Who knew Marilyn was funny? I didn’t.

So, by the time the show was over, I was running a bit late to leave, but whatever. When I was transferring trains I felt awful for the woman walking ahead of me. The backs of her feet were slowly oozing out blood because they were rubbing uncomfortably along her shoe. It looked awful.

At school, I finished everything very quickly today, which was nice, I’m usually finished in the middle. But this, I felt, was the easiest day of school so far. My eclairs came out the right height, but they were weird on the bottoms. It didn’t matter too much, nobody had one that looked nice.

Nothing really happened at school, all of my pastries came out alright, and then, I was back on the train.

I was happy to have a package delivered from home. It had my cashmere sweater in it and a kitten coloring book and some construction paper and Entertainment Weekly magazine from Alison and the Williams-Sonoma catalog and some more stuff which I was delighted to have.

Then, I went to the grocery store at the Monoprix. I didn’t have to go to that one, I don’t remember why I chose that one, though. I bought a ton of food, and did irreversible harm to my back when I walked home. It was heavier than me!

My gossip sites on the Internet told me that Kanye is still in town, much to my displeasure.

So, I have to wake up early tomorrow for class, then I have a six-day weekend. Seriously, this school is a joke sometimes.

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