Lost In A Forest Of Disconnection

I woke up today and rushed to my computer to see if I had some kind of connection to the world–the world being the Internet. No such luck. Having nothing at all to do, I decided to clean up the apartment, so, I suppose having no Internet wasn’t such a bad thing as my bathroom is now spotless.

At 11:15am, I was getting ready to leave for school, when I heard a knock on the door, help had arrived! Mother had done what I told her to do and contacted the agency, and they had sent relief in the form of Steph! I was so happy. She restarted the whole power strip, and for some reason, that made the Internet come back on. I was delighted to see that I had more than thirty emails, waiting for me to lovingly sift the spam and garbage out of. She said that the phone might take two days to work, which I thought was weird. We can’t really figure out the television, so she’s sending somebody out to fix that at a later date.

I had to rush off to school, so I left her here to try and sort it all out. I didn’t care, when I came back, I was going to read Perez Hilton, and check my bank account, and read emails, and watch videos on YouTube, and publish my blog, and read my news stories, and track my package on Amazon.com. I didn’t have a care in the world as I hopped onto the train to school.

Back at school, I realized that we were making the Mocha cake today, and that I, along with everybody else, really hate it. It’s disgusting, soggy, and ugly. I had to beat so many eggs today, that I’m sure the muscles in my right arm will be screaming at me in the morning. I feared making the butter cream because that involved pouring molten sugar into eggs. The last time I had done this, both Jongin and I had overcooked the sugar and caused our whisks to turn into massive lumps of crystallized sugar. I still haven’t gotten it all of mine clean again. This time, though, it worked perfectly. We were both very happy.

In my life, I have only ever cut myself with a knife once. That was when I was much younger and didn’t know how to properly operate a cheese knife. I still have the scar from that. In the past week, I have cut myself three times! I don’t think that I’ve suddenly become careless, or that the knives are particularly sharp–I just don’t understand it.

Anyway, putting the cake together was rather simple and dreadfully boring, so I’ll fast forward. Once you have it coated in coffee doused frosting, you do the decorations. I tried to make a blade of wheat in the center, but it didn’t turn out, so I tried to convert it into a heart for Valentine’s Day, but that didn’t really work, either. It just looked plain stupid, I knew it, but I wasn’t going to show it during judgement.

Chef said that it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t a catastrophe. I agreed wholeheartedly and quickly packed up to go home. I wanted to go and use the Internet!

I ran to the computer and checked the email, but there was no Internet connection. I whimpered and moaned, but no amount of fiddling would make the world wide web come back to me. I was beyond crushed, I was devastated, cast upon the rocky shores of despair. The phone was still on the fritz, so, again, I had no way of contacting anybody about my dilemma.

I restarted the magic box (I don’t know what it’s called), twice, the way Steph had shown me how to do, but nothing worked. I was so annoyed that I fell asleep. I have this bizarre reaction to irritations in my life, if something doesn’t go well, I just drop off into slumber. When I woke up, I had a connection to the router, but there was no Internet. Whatever.

This is making me rather angry, I mean, I can’t live properly without these basic functions. I can’t call for help. I can’t look up a map to find the agency. I can’t get news of possible repairs. I can’t watch Craig Ferguson. I’m like a bleeding surfer in the middle of Shark Week.

I made chicken and pasta for dinner. Then, I  made a microwaveable brownie mix Ma had sent. I was surprised to find that it was quite tasty. I usually hate all things that come from the microwave, aside from popcorn. It’s like eating cancer when you eat a microwaveable meal, at least to me.

I’m also irritated because I’m supposed to help Alison with her essay, but I can’t download her attachment because I can’t connect to the Internet. She didn’t say when it’s due, so I hope that I can still be of some kind of help.


There are signs of progress. All of a sudden, the phone started to work again, which had the negative effect of remembering that my family was in Florida. I called them, they were in their rental car, driving over the bridge to St. Petersburg. I love the museum there, it’s very nice. They are going to Wal-Mart. I could cry. I miss Wal-Mart and it’s small town America killing ways so much that it’s silly.

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