Disney World – Part 3

AHHHH! Is it a stalker? The only way to deal with a stalker is to cut off his stalk! One of my crazed fans?! Save me! Oh, it’s just Jessica.

Pretty flags at the Animal Kingdom. Design inspiration.


Midget and I met Goofy!

One of my very favorite things to do at the Animal Kingdom.

I just love fruit bats. Ma is terrified, but I want one as a pet.

I was quite prepared to jump in and give him a hug. He’d love it.


These flags are freaking gorgeous.

Want in my future Old World pool complex. Yes, pool complex.

Bread fruit. I wanted a seedpod, but that would have been rather obvious.

Off to Hollywood Studios. I much preferred the MGM Studios name, but whatevs. Here I am with the Golden Girls.

Dancing with Michael Jackson. Don’t even try to tell me jean shorts are bad fashion.

#VeryMaryKate on the Tower of Terror

Architectural inspiration for my future home.

The sign language people were better than the cast.

I was very touched by the story of Beauty and the Beast, mainly because it proved my theory that you have to be pretty to be happy. Also, the mustache is gone. I look better stubbly.

Look at that man interpret!

Give me my goddamn award, I’ve earned it! I’d like to thank all the little people, my housekeepers, the pool boy, Cook, and of course all my wonderful fans.

Smoking with Bette Davis.

For Pa’s Christmas gift I took him to a luau. He claims that when he used to live in Florida his family went to luaus. I’m not sure, but I decided to go.

Pa with the salad. Creepy smile.

The luau begins.


I was deeply impressed with the fire tosser. Deeply.


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