Disney World – Part 2

Jessica, Gretchen, and I were up early to enjoy the day at EPCOT.

This rosemary bush made me weep. It was January. At home, the earth was barren and brown. Thankfully we barely had a winter, so that was “swaggy?” Am I using that right?

You’ll have to excuse me, I’m becoming a Frenchman…at least temporarily. Ah, la belle France, pays de mon coeur, pays de mon âme. Il resemble Paris un peu, mais c’est plus comme un rêve des vieux jours. Mais, je l’ai adoré.

Tartelette citron meringuée = ok, mais le café était terrible. Vraiment horrible!

Maman a pensé qu’elle était trés charmant dans cet écharpe. Je pense que oui. Elle est Parisian comme moi et ma soeur. Nous n’en sommes pas, mais nous le voulons!

Maintenant, mon cerveau…is transitioning back to English.

For Christmas, I bought everybody a different adventure. Jessica was given the safari, which was fabulous. For mother I was going to get her a Segway tour of EPCOT, but she wasn’t thrilled by that, so I bought her high tea at the Grand Floridian resort. We never had a chance to go when we attended the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Suck on that, my bitches!

A table setting. We had one by the windows, which were absolutely lovely.

First course was a pot de shrimp that I didn’t touch. I don’t eat meat. No corpse consumption for me. And champagne! Champagne! Champagne for Lulu! I adore champagne. It’s delicious.


My main course. Fabulous! Assortment of cheeses, fruits, biscuits, and tea. The blocked cheese were the best, many types of cheddar.

Scones and strawberry tarts. The tarts were too too too sweet. Delicious scones. Clotted cream is fabulous, by the way.

My dessert was a Boston Cream Pie and some kind of fruity cake. Quite good.

Read my future!

The pianist. Ah, I should live a life like this.

A beautiful bamboo walkway at our resort. We stayed at Old Key West in a gorgeous suite for several days. Coastal living elegance. My soul.

Dinner at Via Napoli. Jess was pissed. Ma was pissed. I believe Midge was alright.

Pa was concerned. I was mustachioed. Paolo was deaf. Auntie was exhausted.

Spinach lasagna. Nothing special, but not bad. It begged for salt.

My $4 espresso! Madness! It was a short pull and very good. I’m a barista, you know? Or is it baristo? I don’t know, not important.

The remnants of dessert. They were little donuts made with ricotta. I know!

Jessica and I always race back to the buses so that we are at least one or two ahead of the rest of our party. We’re such fun.

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