The Beach in January – Part 2

We were all sick of Jessica’s pissy attitude. Father especially. He will punish her.

He shoved her down. Deservedly so.

He kicked her when she was down. Deservedly so. We all watched, quite amused.

Dear Gentlemen of the World: Shave your backs. It’s not hot.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Isn’t it marvelous?

Le sigh…

The Public Beach. I’m unfamiliar with them. I restrict myself to private beaches.

Something lovely that washed up to shore. Not sure what.

Peasants strolling along the Public Beach. It’s almost as nice as the private beaches. There were more young people here, nice to see flesh that wasn’t flabby and pale.

This is my favorite picture that I took on this trip.

Dinner for the seagull. It looked like a tiny shark. Don’t know if it was. This particular spot is supposedly known for it’s nurse sharks. I’ve not seen one. I don’t want that to change any time. I dislike sharks for all the obvious reasons.

Another trip into Sarasota for some nibbles. I love it here so much.

Midget broke a macaron on the Eiffel Tower.

I truly don’t believe that there is a more peaceful, more beautiful, more wonderful place on the planet. It’s truly a paradise.

I did not want to leave. It was wrong to make me go. But, I had to. I’ll move there soon. I’ll live every day as if I were on vacation. I’ll become beautifully bronzed, my hair will be resplendent with golden highlights from the sun, I’ll sell shell art in a little boutique on St. Armand’s Circle, I’ll live under a boardwalk if I must. J’adore.

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