We arrived in Chicago at seven o’clock this morning. I’m going to do a full blog post on the plane as I fly to London tonight, but I couldn’t help but post something. I’m in the Apple Store right now trying out new toys. I was going to buy myself an iPad Mini…because I deserve it, but they’re sold out. Rude. Now I’m the only one in my family without one. I’ll get it when I get back.

Right now, I’m typing on the 11-inch MacBook Air and I’m more impressed than I thought I would be. I’m in desperate need of a new computer and I’m wondering if this is the one. I thought that I used computers for more intense purposes than I really do. In fact, all I do is write, browse, research, and edit photos and the occasional video. I’m sure that this machine will be able to do that quite well. Not sure about the hard drive space, but do I really need so much on my computer with me? Technology is changing so much that I don’t think so. I’m rambling now.

I really am enjoying Chicago. I’ve never been a fan, but for some reason, it seems like a vibrant and interesting place to be.

Ciao, darlings!

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