Why Don’t You? #3



Why don’t you buy yourself a pair of roller skates and simply glide about everywhere? Skate to work, through the halls, in a mall, skate through the office, skate all over! This may not always be reasonable, but why be reasonable?


Why don’t you begin a journal of diary — whichever you find more charming? Your day-to-day life may not seem thrilling, but years from now, you, or your heirs, or your biographers will find you a most fascinating subject.


Why don’t you impersonate a priest and hear confession from strangers? This would be a terribly amusing way to pass an afternoon and would surely serve to remind you just how normal and sane you are!


Why don’t you cover your kitchen cabinets with chalkboard paint? You could write down grocery lists or recipes or sketches or even inappropriate words upon them. Try having a bad day when BITCH or SLUT or ASSHAT is emblazoned on the door to your cereal!


Why don’t you sit for a few portraits in different media types? It will be so interesting to see what unique characteristics and features each artist will pull out of you for display in your portrait. Hang this over your mantlepiece and enjoy yourself. Rotate regularly to impress guests.

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