Why Don’t You? #4



Why don’t you volunteer at an animal shelter? Those darling creatures are infinitely more lovable and kind than the dreadful people you deal with each day. Humans are awful; kittens are marvelous.


Why don’t you spontaneously spend an evening at the most luxurious hotel near you? Order yourself room service late at night, lounge by the pool, dress in your finest clothing and order a classic cocktail at the lounge. Revel in elegance.


Why don’t you decant all your spices, beans, rices, cereals, pastas, and more into attractive glass jars? This will turn your kitchen into something of an art gallery with the vibrant colors of all those dried goods.


Why don’t you learn the lyrics to the entire catalog of Britney Spears’ songs? She’s an American icon and a musical legend. Surely this skill will be useful multiple times over the course of your life.


Why don’t you stop feeling obligated to checking certain websites and watching certain shows? Sometimes, they’re just not worth it anymore. You can make much better use of your time. Take up croquet.

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