Why Don’t You? #50

15f86a2a5a5d29d45ae7900e8748a546.jpg[I am absolutely in love with this picture and want it blown up and then I want to go out and buy an electric fireplace so that I can hang this picture above it.]


Why don’t you set up a window box and fill it with greens? It’ll be so nice to harvest a crop of arugula for your salads and egg salad sandwiches! Or, if you’re like me, you’ll just nibble them like snacks. I LOVE ARUGULA.


Why don’t you get a listing of all the categories you can enter in for the state fair? In Iowa that’s a big deal, so I assume that it might be in other states. I don’t really care for the fair, but I do care about winning. A few years ago, I received a third place ribbon for my photography. I WAS DELIGHTED TO LORD IT OVER THE OTHER PEASANTS. I still do. Anyway, start gathering your photos or practicing your jams or plan on growing a big pumpkin. Get blue ribbons, reader.


Why don’t you stock your pantry with ingredients from a culture you’re unfamiliar with? I’ve been thinking of getting into Asian dishes, but that’s rather tricky without having the proper oils, spices, sauces, and such. I do have a beautiful wok. That gets me halfway there, I suppose.


Why don’t you choose a famous ancient philosopher and then read all their works? It’ll be delightful to be knowledgeable about Socrates and Aristotle. Maybe even Plato? I’ve been meaning to read his account of the sinking of Atlantis for years now. I have it saved to my phone, but I’ve never managed to read it.


Why don’t you teach yourself how to marble paper? It’s a beautiful thing to see and the technique looks rather simple. I’ve not yet done it, but I have been thinking of making marbled wrapping paper for the upcoming holiday season. Your friends and foes will be so envious of your talents if you can marble.

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