MEXICO CITY: A Telenovela

And that really resonated profoundly for me. This is a topic that is rather hard to write about in our culture because there is no grey area or middle ground for patriotism. Either you love America or you’re likened to a terrorist. This isn’t fair because the more you grow to love something, the more cognizant you become of the flaws. Travel has allowed me to see my home nation with a different perspective, from afar and from the eyes of others around the world. When we let ourselves escape our comfort zone and throw ourselves into something new and out of the ordinary, we are capable of incredible realizations. 

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I miss getting into playful Egyptological arguments with scholars over martinis at The Royal Bar. I even miss the touts demanding baksheesh and donkey drivers hollering at me. I miss the filth in the streets and the flies that buzz around the horses. I miss the robes and the heat and the ferry across the Nile. I miss the cacophony of sounds at night when you’d hear honking horns and bellowing camels and the call to prayer. It suited me and I need to get back. Once I get this terrible year behind me, I’m going to treat myself to a glorious return to the sands of Egypt. 

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Each year when I go to the MS Walk, I realize just how lucky I am. There are people my age in wheelchairs, others using canes (and not just to be fashionable like Madonna, they actually have to use them.) You would not believe some of the horrifying orthopedic shoes that some people wear because it helps with their stability. If the day ever comes that I won’t be able to wear my suede Chelsea boots…well I really don’t want to think about that day.

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