Why Don’t You? #54



Why don’t you organize all your photos and writings and any other creative projects you want to outlive you in the case of your untimely death? Artists are only ever appreciated after they’ve passed away, which is tragic. Make it convenient for your heirs and family to publish your works and sell your paintings by cataloging them tonight. It’s not morbid; it’s thoughtful.


Why don’t you go to an antique or salvage shop and buy an old marble mantlepiece? It needn’t be in excellent condition since the restoration will teach you a great deal, and that is really the most important thing. Then, you can prop your new mantle up against an unused section of wall and put a few of those gel flame things under it. You’ll have a fireplace all of your own after many long years of want.


Why don’t you spend an evening researching Russian dachas and then designing your own? Ever since reading an article in National Geographic, I have become borderline obsessed with these vacation homes. There is a wide variety, and some are overwhelmingly ornate, but the basic idea is to have a simple little house to get away to whenever you can — for the summer, for a weekend, for just a little time off. I think it’d be marvelous to have a little tasteful escape, and that’s what I’d like my own home to be at some point.


Why don’t you request some plant catalogs and then preorder a great number of flowering trees? Then, when the spring finally comes, plant these along either side of your driveway to form a graceful alley. Your home will, in a few decades, be the envy of the neighborhood, and you’ll feel so elegant walking to get the mail. My driveway is lined with very old maple trees, but only on one side. I have long been planning to plant a twin for each tree on the other side, but that’s all a part of my grand scheme for the country estate. I need more money and time. Don’t we all?


Why don’t you spend the weekend on Trip Advisor and plan a weekend trip away to somewhere near by? There’s a wonderful number of historic hotels all over the place that don’t get the attention they deserve. Try them out. Be cultural. Just get out of the house.

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