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Why don’t you find a cure for multiple sclerosis, or why don’t you donate to a charity that works to find a cure? I have been very lucky with this disease since my diagnosis, and I credit it with giving me a much better outlook on life, but every so often something happens that pisses me off. I can accept being tired most of the time, and I can get accustomed to some brain fog, but I refuse to accept being deaf. I have significant hearing loss in one ear from nerve damage, so that MS demon strikes again. Have I ever been more annoyed? I really don’t think so. UPDATE: It wasn’t MS, but it’s no less real, and I’m still deaf! Cure this idiotic affliction. 


Why don’t you spend every second of daylight outside today? Now that spring seems to have finally arrived for good, I have noticed the most alarmingly wonderful transformation in my mood. I’m still deaf, but at least the sun is shining on me. It would be quite grand, I feel, to go out to watch the sunset with very strong coffee, spend all day tidying up the lawn, prepping the gardens, going on walks that last for hours and too many miles, and then watching the sunset with an enormous glass of wine. Then I would collapse quite deliciously tired and glad.


Why don’t you spend hours watching the screensavers on your Apple TV? If you don’t have one, why are you wasting your life? I’m not going to get into it all now, but I don’t think I would honestly survive without an Apple TV in nearly every room of my house. One of the best parts of this wonderful streaming box is the city screensavers that pop up with amazingly crisp detail. Last night, I could not stop staring at drone footage of San Francisco. It looked too tremendously beautiful. We flew from the Ferry Building to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was amazing. I could watch it for days. 


Why don’t you get back in your old fitness routine? Now that the weather is tolerable, I’ve been getting my 10,000 steps in and all the rings on my Apple Watch have been closed. And I am feeling really quite good because of this. Mind you, I have had huge donuts for breakfast all week, barely bothered to eat anything healthy, and veritably gorged myself last night at the Olive Garden. Still, this elevated physical activity must be doing something because I no longer feel as morbidly obese as I once did! Bless springtime!


Why don’t you start planning your next five vacations? I have been cursed by the need to travel constantly, so every moment that I’m not going somewhere different feels like wasted time. It’s a problem. I guess I could have an actual drug addiction or something, so maybe an all consuming passion for travel is better. I have so many tabs open for a possible Christmas in Egypt or Cuba, of a month in Romania, of a retreat to Buddhist temples in India, peak bloom times for the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, lists and lists of bakeries in Montreal, and a handful of AirBNBs in the Sonoran Desert. I have to go everywhere before I die!

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