I’ve created this horrible picture with a program called Paper, I can see myself falling madly in love it and will probably buy all the expansion packs. With practice, I’ll be much better.

Anyway, I’m trying to decide if I’ll be able to go to Europe with just my iPad next month. It’s not as if my laptop is super heavy, but I want to make this a very light trip and I can do basically everything on here that I can on the computer with horrible battery life.

When I’m away, I post blogs full of pictures, so I have to see if I can make this work.

That’s a picture of a light fixture I installed.

This is my cat Chiffon defying me and lying on the table.

These were rather delicious tomatoes that I grew this summer. They had a peach like fuzz on the outside, so very adorable. Yes, tomatoes can be adorable.

Snapshot with a fan, I can’t deny them.

Mushroom bourguignon, one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever made. It’s better than with beef. Being a vegetarian is amazing!

So, it turns out this is pretty easy. I’ll need to buy an adapter for my camera’s memory card and practice touching up pictures with the iPad version of iPhoto, but this seems very doable, I’m excited. The future is such fun.

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