I don’t care how beautiful you think puffy piles of crystalline snow are. I don’t care about your cozy sweaters and your hot tea and your crackling fires. I don’t care about skiing or or parkas or that Scandinavian concept of Hygge that all the hipsters and wine moms have adopted. I don’t want anything to do with it. To me, as I’m sure you know, winter is a hellish misery of frozen doors and chilled fingers and darkness and eternal misery.

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Faux Tumblr: Installment 8

I guess Tumblr got sold or something and I don’t give a crap because I still haven’t given in and joined the Tumblr. I’m really quite proud of myself. Don’t […]

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Men’s Fashions I Like #1

You probably know this, but one of the careers I have always wanted is to be a fashion editor — kind of like a glorious blend of Grace Coddington and […]

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