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Why don’t you fill up your yard with early blooming flowers? The return of spring has filled me with delight and reminded me that the world isn’t always a bleak and desolate wasteland. Lol winter is really not good for my mental health! Now there are tulips and crocuses and magnolias and flowering trees on every corner, and it makes me so happy. I grabbed some tulips from my sister’s yard and they look so gorgeous in my rooms. I wish that I had a garden full of cutting flowers. Someday when I’m not busy all the goddamn time, I’m going to plant myself one. 


Why don’t you do yourself a favor and run to the theater so you can see La Llorona before it disappears? It’s not a great movie but it’s so much fun. I’m kind of obsessed with it in the best way possible. It’s all about Mexican folklore and I am here for it. La Llorona is like a boogeyman. She will come and steal children, drown them, and keep them forever to replace the children she lost. It’s wonderfully creepy, but campy, and I don’t think there’s a finer combination. Hurry, y’all, it surely won’t be playing for long!


Why don’t you praise whatever god you believe in because for some unknown reason, I passed my Macroeconomics class with a solid B? How this could have occurred, I have no idea. I’m a bright person, but nothing in that incomprehensible class made the least bit of sense to me. I have taken classes on neurobiology that were a walk in the park, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of economic theory. Can’t believe that was required. What a nightmare. Glad it’s over. It haunts me.


Why don’t you invest some well-spent time and learn Spanish? I’m far from fluent, but for some reason I can get by in Spanish with, what I consider, preternatural ease. It’s been such fun. There is an entire world that I had no access to before. Now I can watch the hilarious Caso Cerrado and chat with ELL students and gaze dreamily at my favorite show, La Reina del Sur. I can comfortably walk around Mexico City. It’s divine. It’s a blessing. LEARN, dear and beloved reader. Knowledge is magical. 


Why don’t you join me in observing the Ramadan fast? The fast begins when the sun rises this morning (Monday!), so if you’re reading this early enough, you might have time to complete the entire fast! During sunlight hours, individuals participating in the fast do not drink, eat, or smoke. These things are permissible only when the sun goes down. I’ve been meaning to do this since my first Ramadan experience in Egypt years ago. It’s going to be fabulous. And maybe I’ll finally lose some weight. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Inshallah…

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