Locked In

Yesterday, I said that I would be traveling to Disneyland today, well, that never happened. You see, I’ve spent the entire day, being held hostage in my own apartment. The door has two keys, one is modern, and one is a modern skeleton key. The skeleton key refuses to turn and unlock itself, so, we’ve been here all day. Thankfully, we had purchased some food yesterday. So we ate a frozen quiche and popcorn. Today, unlike yesterday, (when I felt I was in steerage on the Titanic), today I feel like Marie Antoinette, locked up in her cell, awaiting the guillotine.

To pass the time I have been reading French magazines from the website. They offer a truly amazing deal–for only €17.90 (about $25) you can download as many magazines as you want from their website. They have magazines of all kinds, so I am now caught up on my fashion, news, pop gossip, castle history, boxing, and a myriad of other things.

So, as you can tell, the day has been too much fun [sarcasm] !

Tomorrow we will go to Disneyland if we get out–and I’m sure that Jessica is still jealous.

There is an old chest that doubles as a coffee table, I found the key a few days ago, inside is a bunch of tools, which was lucky because I had props for the photo. The photo under here is from last nights festivities. I call it my Britney Spears moment, as you’ll be able to see.

Is It Britney, Bitch?ME.My MomentBRITNEY!

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