Hobo Conference

I didn’t have class until 12:30 this afternoon, so, I slept in, because I could. I thoroughly enjoyed that. I do enjoy sleeping so much that I think that I may have evolved from a cat and not a monkey as scientists say.

When I did finally leave the apartment, I was about fifteen minutes late, but it didn’t really matter as the trains were extra speedy today, and when I got to the school, nobody was in the locker room, so, I was in and out quickly.

Today I learned something amazing, truly earth-shaking and magnificent. America is retarded for not using the Metric system, it is truly the most simple and delightfully easy thing to operate once you figure it all out. The only things that bug me is that there is no unit of measurement like a foot. It goes straight from centimeters to meters, and that is quite a jump. I also prefer fahrenheit to celsius, as there is more room for variation. A degree in celsius is like three degrees in fahrenheit, so I find fahrenheit to be much easier to understand and precise. (I did say fahrenheit a lot there, didn’t I?) Anyway, to the earth-shaking magnificent revelation. Are you ready? Here it is: one milliliter is equal to one gram!!!!!!!!!!! You can weigh them both out with simplicity. It is like magic. That may not have been a revelation or life changing to you, but that floored me today in class. All of the Americans were bewildered and shocked, while everybody else already knew it. We all felt kind of stupid.

Then, I found out where my disease came from. The American translator! She has the exact same cough as I do!

I then learned that proper pasty chefs never pour a cake batter into a mold or pan, they use a pastry bag and pipe it in, layer by layer, ensuring that you have exactly how much you need, the cake is level, and there are no air bubbles in the cake, assuring your cake will rise evenly and flatly. Genius.

The cake that Chef made today was very tasty, but I won’t be able to eat mine for four days, because if you weren’t aware, I have a four day weekend! A weekend that lasts four days. Four days of not doing anything school related. Ninety-six hours of glorious liberation starting at midnight tonight!

The classroom was very loud today, the students in the back never stop talking and it drives me out of my mind. Then, I watched the television set they had of close ups of the Chef and was amazed to see ghosting effects on the screen. I didn’t think that happened anymore! So, whenever Chef walked past the refrigerator, he appeared to be a ghost, because the image of the refrigerator was burned into the screen. It was very cool looking.

Since I was only at school for three hours, it felt like I was hardly there, and before I knew it, I was back in the Metro. I think I may have found a bum to give my cooked goods to. I could tell that he was friendly because somehow, a blind man managed to find his way all the way underground. (Don’t ask me how he did it, he must be lying for sympathy or something.) Anyway, the hobo gave up his seat to the blind man and even helped him get seated. This all took place on the other side of the rails, so everybody else was watching this exchange with fascination. We had never seen a blind person in the Metro, or a kind hobo. What a world…

There was an adorable golden lab on the train today. It was a massive, well behaved dog. It made me miss Shadow quite a lot… When I emerged from the Metro stop next to my apartment, I entered what seemed to be a hobo conference. Every day, more and more hobos are gathering near the Bastille Market next to this entrance. Today there were upwards of fifteen of them, all scraggly and unclean. Almost 2/3 of them, had lovely dogs that were enjoying themselves — chasing each other and pooping on the sidewalks.

I walked down the street to the Monoprix to buy some construction paper for my top secret children’s book project. I want to illustrate it by creating pictures with cut up construction paper. But imagine my delight, when they only had white!

So, I left, came back home, tidied up the apartment. I made some hamburger, but it’s weird here. It is very thick and solid and refuses to crumble. Not very good.

I’m going to go watch Humoresque right now, a classic Joan Crawford movie.

I’m going to try to go to the cemetery tomorrow, so I dearly hope it’s open.

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