A Pic Of Tig And Cher Marathon

Today probably won’t be very interesting because I didn’t do much or take any pictures.

I decided not to go anywhere because I had a lot of projects to catch up on that I have put on the back burner since I left the States. I have been working on my first novel for about six months now, and I’d say that I’m only halfway done, so I need to get moving on that. I wanted to have a final draft ready by the beginning of April, but I don’t see that happening, my new goal is August. A birthday gift to myself, of sorts.

Then, I worked on my illustrated children’s book. It is about a cat, but I still haven’t decided on the cat’s looks, so I spent the day doing prototypes. I keep drawing them too realistically, I need to be able to draw more like a cartoon, which has always been hard for me. I got frustrated, so I worked on a picture of Tiger that I started on some scratch paper. I only got about halfway done today, but I’m really happy with it. I overlapped it with the original so it didn’t look silly below.


Today, I have had Cher on nonstop. I love Cher. She has made some of the most delightful music, Before today, I hadn’t been very familiar with her work from the 80s, so that was interesting to hear.

After a dinner of spaghetti, only one left :-(, and an episode of Craig Ferguson, I began to work on my television show that I told you a bit about yesterday. It is starting to take shape, but it feels like it’s actually more suited for the BBC than an American network. Many shows on the BBC only run once and a series is usually six episodes. My show feels like it doesn’t need to be any longer than that. Twenty-two episodes is just a bit much. I don’t think it would work on American television either, it’s about people who are past 50, and nobody wants that! I’m working on the episode arc and character development, so that is really fun. I know that nothing will probably ever happen, but I enjoy doing it.

I also realized that I am too much of a control freak to sell this show if I had the opportunity, unless I got a ton of cash, oh I suppose I’d sell. Just imagining what they would do to it with a staff of overzealous writers and producers gives me the chills.

Tomorrow, I am making a cake at school, so I’ll be able to show you that tomorrow. So, bye…

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