Dear God In Heaven, HELP ME!

Happy Valentines Day everybody!

Today was spent in a state of perpetual frustration, waiting for the repairman. He was due to arrive at four o’clock this afternoon, so I spent the morning pacing around the apartment. I cleaned up my joke of a counter. When I say counter, I mean good two inches of bamboo between my stove and sink. It is very difficult sometimes not having any counter space.

I went and threw away all of my trash in those nonsensical bins downstairs, then checked my mailbox, and was happy to find a card from Delores! I love getting cards.

I still had about two hours left until four, so I flung myself upon the couch and began to read The Picture of Dorian Gray, I am almost done with it now, I will be sad to finish the book, it is much better than I ever expected. Would I sell my soul to the Lord of Darkness to look young and adorable forever, like Dorian, maybe…who wants to be old? No offense to my elderly readers.

At 4:10, the repairman arrived. I was nervous to have somebody in my house that I didn’t know, but I didn’t really have a choice in the matter. He was very abrupt at first as if my problem wasn’t anything serious. Please. If I can’t fix it, it is serious. It took me awhile to adjust to his accent, it wasn’t typical French English, it seemed to be affected by some other accent. Weird. He figured out the television right away, turns out that it had never been properly set up ever, so, now I have more channels, half of them are still blocked, though, and none of the ones that I want show up. What is so wrong with Animal Planet?

He couldn’t figure out why my computer wasn’t working, he rebooted the “magic box” at least ten times before calling the Internet provider. He was on the phone for probably fifteen minutes the first time arguing with the people on the other line. They told him that everything was making it to the box just fine, so it must be a problem with my computer. I knew that my computer was fine, and it made me rather suspicious of this company. He called probably four more times, but nothing ever happened.

He had to reboot it for a half hour, so he went out for a coffee. When he came back, still nothing, so he scheduled himself to come back on Monday and then left.

I checked my calendar and had to be leaving for school fifteen minutes after he was due to arrive, so I had to reschedule my appointment, but I didn’t have his phone number. Super.

So, I called the emergency number and spoke with the infamous Susie, owner of the apartment company, and procured his number from her. I called him, he said he couldn’t come any earlier, so he’ll now be coming on Tuesday. Good God…

I called Alison then, to vent my frustrations, that was nice. I haven’t spoken to her for over a month, by word of mouth that is, we email all the time.

I was too emotionally drained to cook after today’s fiasco to make my way down the street to the grocery store, so I just made some concoction with leftovers and scrap pasta.

I watched some TV, then Doctor Who, and then Repo! The Genetic Opera. I have been meaning to watch that movie for months. I was lucky enough to download it before my computer stopped functioning. The movie was horrible and beautiful at the same time, plus it was a musical with Paris Hilton, so I didn’t have much choice but to love it! If you have a strong stomach, I’d suggest renting this film. It’s kind of like a modern Sweeney Todd because of the darkness and cutting people up for profit.

Tomorrow, I will find some bleeding Internet if it is the very last thing that I do on this Earth. There has to be some free wireless somewhere in this freaking town.


I was very irritated when they said it was my computer causing my issues, but I now know that it is impossible. If it were just my computer having an issue, my iPod should have no trouble functioning, but it is having the same issues. Connecting, yet no service. Plus, when Steph came over, why would the Internet work for short amount of time that it did if my computer was at fault. No, it’s something with that stupid box, I unplugged the cable, but it still says that I have a full signal, and that’s not true. I will get to the bottom of this.

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