Sticky Bread, Tasty Chicken & Cocaine?

I was awoken this morning by a very haunting organ sound. I went to the window and saw a man and woman waltzing down the street, the man slowly turning the crank of an organ grinder. It was all kinds of creepy. My neighbors were all looking out their window, covering their faces with their curtains, lest the waltzing freaks below see them. I was just happy it wasn’t an organ grinder with a monkey. I may have passed out with horror. I hate monkeys. Unless they are cheeky puppet monkeys on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.

I then went to the grocery store, a trip which usually takes an hour, but when I returned to the apartment, I realized I was back in just a little over half an hour. I found that strange, like a shift in time and space…I’m watching too much Doctor Who

I put a roasted chicken into the oven and left for school. The trains were exceptionally slow. They usually arrive within five minutes, but these were all nine minutes! I was going to be late! Thank god that the Chef was late to the Demonstration, too. It was the same Chef today that likes me, but nobody else, apparently. Today we watched how to prepare brioche molds, which is really easy, and I know that to be fact because I have done it before.

Once out of the ovens, the students whom Chef has been cruel too, couldn’t help but giggle with delight when his breads stuck to his mold. I enjoyed watching their wicked delight. I was singing Schadenfreude from Avenue Q in my head, when I saw that Nancy passed a note to Ilaria with the word schadenfreude on it. Again, the five-second psychic strikes! Oh, schadenfreude is German for happiness at the misfortune of others. Good word.

After the tasting, Ilaria found a folded piece of paper, proceeded to unfold it, and cover us with what we all hoped was flour, but may well have been cocaine. It tasted like flour and I didn’t get high, so I assume it was some kind of practical joke, and the expression on her face was priceless!

The Australian translator then explained the testing process in greater detail, it makes a lot more sense, now.

When I got home, my chicken was finished and perfect. Then, there was nothing to do. Nothing at all. I don’t watch TV…I just read things on the Internet. That’s all I do. So, I spent the night, reading, then watching TV, then reading, then watching TV, then reading, then coloring in the kitten coloring book that my family had sent me, then watching some more TV.

Then I went to bed at the ungodly early hour of eleven!

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