I was awoken today, again before my alarm, by a jackhammer below my window, removing my sidewalk. I don’t know why, I’m not really happy about it, and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I was having a lovely dream about using the Internet (I’m not kidding), taking pictures of sunsets and something to do with a go-phone. I suppose I’m losing my mind.

I spent the morning and afternoon reading my new book, The Dracula Dossier, it’s pretty good, not great, but good enough. For lunch, I had leftover chicken. Then, I went down to throw out some trash, I drink way too much Oasis, but it is so tasty! That will be the thing that I miss the most about Paris, I think. On the way up, I half-heartedly opened up my mailbox, and two, TWO, cards fell out! Happy day! One was from Midget and the other was from Alison. It was nice to see her horrible watercolor cards! And, I love Hannah’s cursive D, it’s so curly, and I love curly writing.

When it was time for somebody to be awake back home, I called. Ma said that she had emailed Steph who said that there is something wrong with my line and that my Internet issues should be over with today!

Then I read some more, waiting for the repairman to show up, again. He finally came, but still couldn’t figure it out. (I thought they figured it out, already!) He called the company, they suggested a massive reboot.

He said he’d come back in a few hours. While he was gone, I made some chicken alfredo and ate my feelings. Soon, he was back and had a massive argument with the lady at the Internet company. That was fun for me to watch and listen to, I learned a lot of new profane language! Nothing…just nothing. He’s coming back tomorrow. So, I see myself going to La Defense to check my email tomorrow morning. This is exhausting — as evidenced by my photo above.

Then, I read some more. I’m already halfway finished. I’ll need to go get a book from the Virgin Megastore that I’ve been meaning to read. Maybe, I’ll buy that tomorrow morning, I need to go to Virgin to pick some things up, anyway…


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