Well, That Was Stupid

Today was the day that I should have had Internet again! He was coming and everything was going to be alright. JP, the technician, was due to arrive at 2:30pm, but I needed to get some things done, so I decided to wake up early to accomplish my myriad goals. I woke up at 9:00am, with a horrible headache and my eyes so full of pain that I wanted to poke them out with fancy iron nails like Blind Meg in Repo! Only one of you will understand that reference. I was in so much pain that I decided to go back to bed for awhile. I rose again at 10:30am and felt much better.

I didn’t have as much time as I wanted, so I dashed out of the apartment without prettying myself up or eating breakfast and jumped onto the train out to La Defense. It was a forty minute trip, so, I had a lot of time to read my book, which was nice. When I got there it was drizzling and windy and cold. Just generally unpleasant. I couldn’t sit down, so I had to balance against a light pole, like a hooker, balancing my laptop in one hand and pecking at the keys to get my email and news.

I went back to the train station, only to be annoyed because my ticket didn’t work on the RER for some reason. There is no reason that it shouldn’t have worked. So, I rode the Metro, which turned out to be a good thing because there was the most adorable dog ever on it. I wanted to pet it until all of it’s lovely chocolate brown hair fell out. But, I didn’t.

I was back in the apartment by 1:30pm and had a lunch full of leftovers. I then set about reading while I waited for JP to arrive.

2:30pm arrived.

3:30pm passed.

4:30pm darted by.

5:30pm came and went.

6:30pm dashed along

I made a dinner of leftovers and then Steph called from the apartment agency. She wondered if I had Internet, yet. She wasn’t sure why he hadn’t arrived, but she called him and said that he would be here around 7:00-7:30pm.

I finished my book waiting.

7:00pm went.

7:30pm was long past.

This is stupid.

He finally arrived and called the company. They had a brief argument and now I’m a level 2 issue to them! Ha ha! They will call back in 24 hours and all should be right with the world, but I will hold onto my doubts.

I have class all day tomorrow, so I’ll have to wait until Friday.

I spent the rest of the evening developing carpal-tunnel syndrome by handwriting my autobiography…because I’m conceited and willing to sell my life story for money. I mean, if Shawn Johnson and her trunk-like thighs can do it, why can’t I? She’s 12 or something!

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