Why Don’t You? #15



Why don’t you take voice lessons for singing or an accent? I’ve always wanted to be able to belt out a tune and then turn on a good posh accent. Maybe singing will be my resolution for next year?


Why don’t you visit an antique shop for a small, old-fashioned valise and fill it with all you need for a traveling minibar? This will come in handy more than you can ever imagine. Take it on the train! Take it on the bus! Just don’t take it on the plane, since you’ll probably get arrested.


Why don’t you plan a completely unnecessary trip to see a celebrity that you love? I’m currently desperate to charge a quick trip to Vegas to see my friend, Queen Beyoncé? Why not, really? You’ll pay it off eventually and it’s good fun to live a little.


Why don’t you download a bunch of apps that you’ve been putting off? I don’t know why, but I’m more willing to spend money on dinner than on a $.99 app that I might love dearly. Silly, isn’t it?


Why don’t you dye your hair some unnatural pastel color? I’ve been seriously considering dying my hair lavender ever since Kelly Osbourne did it. I’m kind of obsessed with it. I’ll do it eventually. Remember when Gaga had mint hair? That was fantastic, too.

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