Why Don’t You #20



Why don’t you adopt a new sleeping schedule? Some of the world’s greatest minds went by different circadian rhythms that allowed them to be well-rested and have more time for their thoughts. The idea that humans must sleep for eight straight hours is nothing more than a modern convention.


Why don’t you go to a used bookshop and buy all sorts of books on topics that intrigue or interest you? It won’t cost you tremendous amounts of money since they’re used and having new volumes on the pre-pharaonic culture of Ancient Egypt and a pile of laserdiscs is such fun.


Why don’t you take up a new aristocratic hobby? You needn’t be great at it, but it’ll be so nice to tell your friends that you’re going sailing over the weekend or taking a little jaunt to play rugby. I think I’d really rather enjoy going sailing. Perhaps I’ll take that up this summer.


Why don’t you take advantage of an online grocery service and get all your non-perishable goods delivered straight to your door? At first, I thought this was strange, but now I realize and adore the convenience of having my espresso show up just when I need it. I’m going to start adding more things on there like laundry soap and chocolate. How marvelous it is to live in this modern era.


Why don’t you drink absolutely everything out of champagne flutes? Not only will this make you feel unbearably chic and tasteful, but you will clear up considerable space in your cupboards. It’s really a no lose situation.

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