Why Don’t You #27



Why don’t you spend the afternoon organizing the best pictures from your travels around the globe? It will be so nice to reminisce about the Royal Wedding you attended, the Chinese New Year parade you were a part of, the great hikes you went on in California, and so many more. Have you ever done that? Order prints. Frame them. Hang them up.


Why don’t you highlight all the obscure holidays on your calendar you don’t celebrate so that you make sure you do? Today is MARDI GRAS (well, it was last week), one of my favorite holidays that I have never been able to partake of properly with beads and drinks and nudity and lots of cake. I intend to do that someday. Maybe next year?


Why don’t you throw out all the pens and pencils in your house and replace them with a handful of elegant and simple (very often the same thing) ones? This might seem a ridiculous suggestion, but I find that many people hoard writing utensils. Buy a box of Le Pen pens and a carton of Ticonderoga pencils. Delight in your organization.


Why don’t you create a well edited wish list on Amazon? You needn’t actually expect to receive all the glorious items you add to this list, but it does wonders to dream, you know? I’m currently ogling a beautiful new camera for my trip to Europe (and Africa???) this summer. Add everything you lust over. Maybe some kindly stranger will send you a treat.


Why don’t you upload every single picture you’ve ever taken onto Flickr? You’ll never lose them in the future this way, and what a blessing it is to never lose your pictures. Think of the joys that the mass of blurry pictures will bring to future generations!

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