A Word From Reverend Benjamin #27: On Insignificance

gifpal-20140313221953[“How you doin’?” I’m obsessed with Wendy Williams and have elevated her to sainthood. #SANASAS to us all!]

Holla Flock!

Are you more important than a tree or a rock? A few days ago, I would have said that I was, but after a cosmic awakening, I’m no longer sure. Before we head into this week’s sermon, let’s hear “Nothing Really Matters,” one of the best songs ever performed by your reverend’s beloved Madonna:

Ray of Light is easily her best album ever. It’s iconic. It inspires me. Onward.

The other day I finished my lunch early, so I went over to my classroom and decided to lay on the floor for a spell — I’ve a bad back, you know? So, as I lie there in the dark and the still and quiet, I began to zone out and meditate. I haven’t done this in ages, so it was nice to take a few moments to let my mind clear.

On that floor, which is surely coated in roach eggs, the Universe was brought into vivid detail. I was nothing but an insignificant speck on the Earth. In the history of the Earth, I was but a speck on the surface of that speck. And in the limitless expanses of the Universe, this insignificant little speck was nothing at all — nothing, as Madonna so beautifully said — really matters. Perhaps this GIF from Disney’s finest film, The Emperor’s New Groove, best sums up what I’m trying to get at.

tumblr_ma7k2hmndl1rpl3bro1_500We’re all important, of course, we all have limitless potential to influence the world for good or evil. We can all be Gandhi or we could be Hitler. We also have the ability to do nothing at all and that is perfectly fine. That’s something I never really grasped before my meditation on the roach covered floor at work. We can work and work and grind ourselves down to the bone, wear ourselves thin with stress — but why?

Over my lifetime, I may create and design and discover and that’s all great and will maybe have given me a sense of purpose over the years — was it important, though? I’ll soon be forgotten. I will most likely not be a Napoleon or a Ramses or a Hillary Clinton or a Shakespeare. In all likelihood, my existence will make little impact or make much of a difference on my fellows. Though this is true and rather humbling, I find that too many people are too strongly focused on making some kind of mark on the world — trying to be more important than perhaps they are. Even my dear BFF Beyoncé is guilty of this. Example:

Is it really so important to be important? I’ve started to realize that it isn’t. This is a remarkable statement coming from a Leo with a strong desire to be a beloved and trashy celebrity. Maybe this is just an Oprah phase in my life — you know how she’s always on that spiritual path?

When you consider the vastness of the Universe and the fact that we know very little about anything, why do we stress ourselves? We should just enjoy the century we may have on the Earth. See the world, read some books, watch television, eat too much food, help people if you can, take a nap, be a hooker, be a nun, do anything you want to do. Your life is your own and it’s limited and it’s truly unimportant, so just enjoy yourself. Relax. You don’t have to do anything for anybody else if you don’t want to. You don’t have to go to school if you don’t want to. You don’t have to be a lawyer if you don’t want to. If you’d be happier selling shoes at a department store, do it. Nothing’s beneath you. Nothing is better than you. Everybody is the same. Don’t forget it.

Until next week, my beloved Flock.


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