Why Don’t You? #69



Why don’t you do everything in your power to see one of the iconic celebrities in your life? I went halfway across the country over spring break to see Angela Lansbury and the memories of the outing are priceless. It’s worth spending a bit of money because money can indeed buy happiness.


Why don’t you buy a bunch of new ice cube trays in a multitude of shapes and sizes? It’d be much more fun to make your afternoon gin & tonic with ice that is shaped like the Titanic. And wouldn’t it be nicer to have a whiskey sour with big balls of ice? (LOL, balls!) It is way more chic and takes up a little space, and you won’t have to suffer the shame and sadness of pedestrian chunks of ice.


Why don’t you build a shrine in you home dedicated to Zayn Malik? He up and left One Direction this morning and broke hearts the world over. Though I am sad to the core, I am happy for Zayn that he is doing what is best for him, even if it kills me. Mental health is so very important. Perhaps a few little pictures of Zayn with one of his many wonderful hairstyles and an assortment of candles on a table will be the perfect place to sit and reflect on happier days. I love you, Zayn.


Why don’t you order a bunch of used books on Amazon on a particular topic you fancy and create the beginnings of a nice library? You can find books for a few cents and you only have to spend a bit on shipping. It’s fabulous. I now have quite an assortment of Martha Stewart cookbooks and so many others on Egyptology. I need new shelves. I now have stacks of books artfully arranged on the floor. I’m not one for clutter, but I do love books. You should gather some, too. There’s a great comfort in heavy books gathering dust.


Why don’t you sign up for a class online about something you’re terribly interested in? Education can be delightful when you care about the subject, but when you don’t it’s inconceivably boring. The Oriental Institute of Chicago is offering a course on ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs for beginners next month, and I am absolutely salivating at the prospect of taking it. It costs a few hundred dollars, but I think it’ll be so worth it. I’m taking lessons using a famed textbook, but it would be so much better to learn from a living instructor. I will surely end up charging it.

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