Why don’t you buy yourself a uniform? I know that I have written about this at least twice, but I never follow my own advice, and I still think it’s brilliant. I dream of having a few of the same shirt, same pants, several boots, and they’re all gorgeous and I don’t have to think about dressing. My current look that I want to go for is black jeans, a white, collarless button-up, and bunches of suede boots. It’d be simple and elegant and I’d fit in absolutely anywhere. Before I leave for my summer travels, I think I’ll order a bunch of clothes that I cannot afford. Oh well! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Summer!


Why don’t you have yourself tested for allergies? I have been itching my eyes like wild for some time, and I’ve never fully understood why. My eyes also have a yellow tint, which is annoying. So, I determined that I’m allergic to something. I took a Benadryl to see if it changed anything, but I felt like I was hella high…I think, so that scared me. I’ve been taking them before bed now, and I wake up with much clearer eyes and much less itching. Who knew that I was just allergic to something this entire time? Silly. Hopefully it’ll all clear up with regular dosing.


Why don’t you get an antique map of the world and gold leaf every country you’ve been to? Gold leaf is so decadent and it costs so little for the effect it produces. Imagine the luxurious sensation of looking over the world, little countries in Europe and Asia and Africa all glittering alluringly with the twinkle of gold. I already travel extensively, but the promise of another gilded nation would be enough to send me into the most dangerous or dullest states on the planet. Never have a provincial point of view.


Why don’t you buy loads of flavored vinegars for experimentation? I recently procured a bottle of delicious apricot vinegar at this weird little shop and I thought that I would toss it into salads and on top of vanilla ice cream. I still haven’t managed this. What I have discovered is that a splash of apricot vinegar in a wet gin martini is akin to heaven. I’m crazy for the slightly sweet tang in my cocktail. I will be going back soon for the grapefruit vinegar and other unexpected delicacies!


Why don’t you plan an escape, a retreat, a withdrawal from society? At the end of every academic year, I feel the strongest urge to recharge and get away from my everyday life, the normal routine, and technology. I want to be like a person a couple hundred years ago who didn’t check Tumblr every lunch period. Instead, they sketched in nature or read a book or just went for a walk to tantalize their imaginations. I need to be able to do that. So, once work is over next week, I’m going to go to the monastery. I always talk about it, but this year I’m doing it for real. A few nights in silence with monks. Sounds perfect.

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