Why don’t you have a living will written up along with a medical power of attorney document? You never know when you’re going to become incapacitated and unable to make decisions of your own, and I’m currently going through that with a family member. If he had not expressed his desires and went through the legal proceedings, it’s reasonable to say that the rest of his life would not have been one he would have desired. If you want to keep going or you’re just ready to kick the bucket, make these wishes known. It makes everyting so much easier for those you leave behind.


Why don’t you learn how to pick a lock in case your father ever dies and he has a fireproof box full of potentially important papers and he fails to put the key in the spot it’s been for decades? I’ve always been interested in lockpicking because I’m a detective at heart, so though this is a weird time, I had a nice break from reality by teaching myself how to pick a lock with the nail file from a pair of nail trimmers. It was frustrating, but it worked, and I squealed with delight. It was the first time I was really thrilled in over a week. This is a great skill. I need to practice more and start working on different locks. 


Why don’t you go through absolutely everything that you own and decide what you really need? Ever since my dad died, I’ve been going through literally everything and getting rid of a shocking amount. Maybe I was a hoarder? Maybe I am a hoarder? Maybe I should have an intervention? I’m not even finished with the kitchen yet, and it’s taken like…three full days, and I’ve thrown out so much that I didn’t even know I had. It’s been absolutely wild. Now I’m keeping it contained to things I actually want and use. It’s insane. It could be part of the grieving process, but this is helping me get through it.


Why don’t you scour the Internet and look for incredible deals on items you don’t exactly need but don’t exactly want to live without? You can get refurbished technology for half price on the regular, and I’ve been losing my mind. I bought a Ring doorbell that allows me peace of mind. I can see whoever comes to my front step! I just purchased a Vitamix blender for less than half price and I’m literally on CLOUD NINE. I’m going to have smoothies every day like I live next to a Jamba Juice. It’ll be delivered tomorrow, and y’all, I’m too excited!


Why don’t you buy those little hydrocolloid pimple patches that Buzzfeed is obsessed with? I thought they were dumb as all get out, but a sample of them came in my Birchbox last month and I decided to give it a try. I expected nothing but I slapped one on an irksome spot and went to bed. I was disgusted and perplexed and delighted the next morning. Whatever was in the spot had been drawn into the patch and when I took it off, it looked like nothing had ever been there. It was truly magic. They’re cheap. Get a hundred.


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