Why don’t you you plan a trip to attend something that will surely go down in history books? It’s not always possible to plan for this as world events tend to be fluid, but start saving up so you can jet away at the drop of a hat. Who knows when there will be a coronation or a papal conclave? I’m daydreaming about attending a parade in Cairo this summer. The mummies of the ancient pharaohs will be taken from the old Egyptian Museum and moved to their new home in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. How wild it would be to see this once in a lifetime event!

Why don’t you study something you never thought you cared about and become a better rounded individual? I’ve long been fascinated by the ancient world, but my attention has focused on Egypt and occasionally on the original inhabitants of the New World. I didn’t give two hoots about Mesopotamia, which was the height of folly as they had so much impact on my beloved ancient Egypt. I just finished a lecture series about this civilization and I was gobsmacked by what I learned. What a fascinating part of the world! I so hope that the Middle East calms down politically so that I can see these ancient sites and meet the modern people soon!

Why don’t you be bold and buy yourself a new style of shoes? If you’re like me, you wear a uniform of sorts. I have an enormous collection of Chelsea boots that I have spent too much money on, but every so often, I want to change it up. There was a sale at my favorite shoe store, ALDO, and I was captivated by a pair of studded loafers. I had to have them. I bought them. I stared at them. Were they me? Were they part of a journey I wanted to go on? It turns out yes, so now I have a new addiction to classy loafers. I didn’t need this. I don’t have the room. Oh well.

Why don’t you clear out a shelf of your freezer and use it for cocktail glasses? I am absolutely obsessed with my new refrigerator, and I love having French doors so that the freezer has more shelves. One of them is covered in martini glasses, coupe glasses, whiskey stones, and other gorgeous and delicate pieces of glassware that are absolutely perfect for a margarita. Having a chilled glass that frosts when it comes into contact with the ambient temperature is an absolute game changer for your at home cocktail hour. Stay blessed, reader.

Why don’t you interpret my latest and wildest dream? For some reason, I was invited to attend the Grammy Awards but it was really the Oscars. Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi were co-hosting in incredibly tailored red silk suits. I took a picture of Nicole Kidman flying through the air in some kind of celebration of Moulin Rouge and it absolutely BLEW up on Instagram. The awards show was hosted in a theater in Des Moines and I seemed to know everybody, but it didn’t seem like I was nominated for anything so I’m not entirely sure what I was doing there. It was wild and vivid and I wish I remembered more.

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