Men’s Fashion I Like #4

This is an exciting post for a number of reasons. They follow below:

  1. This is my last fashion blog that I have planned for a while. Fret not, I will soon have more pictures to post.
  2. There is a Zac Efron finale. You’re welcome.
  3. I’m typing this from my new MacBook Pro — so gorgeous.
  4. Matt Bomer. See below.

tumblr_mmdakie0W61rnrp39o1_500Meet Matt Bomer, my celebrity doppelgänger (in my mind.) Some days we really do look alike. (Perhaps in my mind.) I swear. (Not kidding.) People have told me this without prompting so it must be true.

tumblr_mm55ysZ4x41qg4knho1_1280Karl gloves. Always chic. I wish I could dress like this on a regular basis. Working at a school is fun sometimes, but you can’t overdress without sticking out and you certainly can’t underdress without looking like a hobo. I don’t want to be associated with the destitute.

tumblr_mlzmg28lTr1qg4knho1_500HOW DO I MAKE MY HAIR DO THAT? Also, this suit is gorgeous. I need the entire ensemble.

tumblr_ml8640E9tW1qmufk1o1_500When will my pectoral muscles arrive? When they do, this is how I imagine I’ll look when I’m out in the summertime. MANDATORY AMALIA RODRIGUES DANCE BREAK:

Isn’t she a delight? Here’s my favorite song she sang:

tumblr_mlmphvA11S1qg4knho1_1280I am obsessed with this shirt and I need it to wrap around me. Isn’t that pattern beautiful? It’s like wearing a lovely wallpaper. That hair color, too, hmmmmm…perhaps I need to experiment with mine again?

tumblr_mlzlhydmLT1qg4knho1_1280I’ll be able to do this and not laugh at myself someday. I wish that day were today. I also wish exercising was fun, I was a member of a royal family, and that I had all the kittens in the world.

tumblr_mhzojkUYJ61qg4knho1_400The clock is what we’re looking at here. NEED. Where do I buy it? I want to go to there.

tumblr_mhz3gqVAiK1qg4knho1_400I do not have an elephant sweater and that’s real sad. This is a situation in desperate need of remedying. I will also need an alligator sweater and a giraffe sweater and a lion sweater. I need a whole damn Savannah worth of sweaters.

tumblr_mhpoakRyvD1qg4knho1_1280I’m going to dress like this on Monday. Without the hipster cameras, though. Reminds me…I need a new camera sometime. I’m so poor.

tumblr_mhoe8hB6zE1qg4knho1_1280I wish I could grow a beard.

tumblr_mhj30wqy281qhw3q3o1_1280Again — hair — how do I make it do that? Mine always ends up like I was caught in a windstorm when I attempt looks like this. Am I missing out on some miracle hair product? I demand to know!

tumblr_mh96898rWo1qg4knho1_1280I have dressed like this on multiple occassions. The little sailer is a look that will never ever go out of style. Trust.

tumblr_mh9beq10Vp1qg4knho1_1280Sadly, gentleman just don’t wear scarves here in America. One of my favorite things about Paris is wearing a scarf. It’s way down the list, mind you, I’ve got more important favorites, such as: lemon tarts on every corner, the Flower Market, wandering the Louvre, sunbathing along the Seine, shopping at the street vendors, riding the Métro, and shopping at Monoprix. But scarves are in there, too. I tried to bring the look here, but I just felt ridiculous and promptly gave it up. Tant pis.

tumblr_mh9czyQ68X1qg4knho1_1280Me in front of my house. (In my mind.) If these books ever sell, I am going to go broke splurging on real estate! I will need my Paris apartment, my beach cottage on the gulf, a townhouse in New York, a villa in Villefranche-sur-mer, and probably a few places in England — definitely a London townhouse and a house in Cornwall. 

tumblr_mh913ieUQh1r5jwlho1_500This cardigan is needed in my life to soothe the pain of my existence. I adore cardigans.

tumblr_mh7d6u44CT1rp5jpeo1_500Checkered shoes and a peacoat — SWOON!

tumblr_mgy135lzHN1qg4knho1_1280I also can not grow chest hair which is sad. Burgundy looks good on every man. That’s a fashion tip for free for you. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Wear more burgundy. (Also known as cranberry or strangely enough, oxblood.) Proof on me:

615514_3949285578816_354839468_oDo you see? Do you understand?

tumblr_mgy27bLbJ91qg4knho1_1280My hair won’t do this, either. I need to figure it out. It always used to be so easy and attractive, but ever since my last cut and styling, it just will not cooperate. I’m exhausted and #totesoverit.

tumblr_mgxzrhMJzU1qg4knho1_1280I need to try this classic “sweater over button-up” look more often. It’s so nice.


tumblr_mgy2vnUv9P1qg4knho1_1280This may well be a picture of me in the winter. I’ve got everything but the boots. I need more boots. I don’t know how to wear boots, but when I go to Egypt over Christmas (fingers crossed), I assume I’ll need nice boots for stomping around the Sahara. Oh, I’m weeping at the thought of finally going!

enhanced-buzz-4395-1368027180-16We’ve had a hard day, haven’t we? Let’s enjoy Zac for awhile. Not his fashion so much here. But, why not enjoy his style — I’ve got a whole Zac file. Let’s take a look:


00001fSo fashionable.


jan-28-zac-efron__width_420*repeats previous swoon*


Zac Efron-AMB-001497What did I tell you about burgundy?

tumblr_m24z82pt011r65n3fo1_500How kind of you to bring me breakfast, Zac, and yes, you remembered how I’m crazy about orange juice. So thoughtful.

Zac-Efron-sexy-nu-GQ-photo-01I need his stylist.

Zac-in-GQ-zac-efron-5571388-1222-854How? Sweet God, I need to start working out again.

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