Faux Tumblr: Installment 10

My picture folder is full again, so it’s time to share them with you! Maybe I should just get a real Tumblr? No. I can’t. I’ll never get off. The Internet already eats up a good chunk of my time. When I think of all the things I could actually achieve without the Internet…I push them from my mind because I love the Internet too much.

Let’s go!


Break the ICE! Haha, do you see what he did there?


There’s nothing cuter than old people cursing or acting like sluts.

002Stop. My body can’t handle this.

2013-08-30 23.47.05I SAID STOP!

BaaKZz8This is how I feel when people don’t understand my sense of humor.

enhanced-buzz-wide-8974-1377878888-7Yes! We must worship at the church of Miley! We can’t stop! We won’t stop!

joan-crawford-answering-fan-mailMe, after I become a celebrity. I plan on basing my career on the life of Joan Crawford.

paris-hilton-fanThis is how I picture myself all the time.

tumblr_inline_mqm8kn7nrr1qz4rgpCan I have her jaw? It’s perfect.

tumblr_ln9lfvY8zE1qc4cp9o1_500Samesies! It also makes me happy and friendly.

tumblr_m2wx3cFxKY1r1vileo1_500Audrey and I have the same reaction to human emotions.

tumblr_m20x59Q1c41qh66wqo1_1280I’m living for this cat in a dollhouse right now. Could anything be more amusing?

tumblr_mdrzy9dOAu1r2p19oo1_500Oh, how I miss San Francisco. It is my favorite city in America! What I wouldn’t give to be walking up and down Market Street or having dinner at Green’s.

tumblr_mgjwae4y4r1r3bsx0o1_250Me, today, at work. It took forever!

tumblr_mhp4h7xEfK1qdm4tlo1_r1_500Me, this summer, tanning in the vineyard. I developed quite a glow. I’m terribly sad that there isn’t much UV anymore and I won’t be able to get my suntan on until next spring. Maybe I’ll take up tanning in those beds.

tumblr_mojw9nrv3I1ql5yr7o2_250tumblr_mojw9nrv3I1ql5yr7o1_250I haven’t watched RHONJ in years, but I think it’s time to start again.


tumblr_msvtpvQcM61sqhsqco1_500Me, whenever I go shopping for clothes.


tumblr_mu3rcadYY91ql5yr7o1_500Same. I love Honey Boo Boo. I love Paris. This is perfect.

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