Why Don’t You? #8



Why don’t you do some research on a religion you know nothing about? Won’t it be intriguing to know all about Hinduism or be knowledgeable about Zarathustra? You’ll surely be the life of the party. Plus, you might start to understand how silly all religions are.


Why don’t you learn to play an instrument so that you have a charming skill to demonstrate at those chic cocktail parties nobody throws anymore. (Why don’t you throw a cocktail party?) Perhaps you used to study the piano or flute when you were younger and these skills will come rushing back to you. I know they have for me. Suddenly, I’m a tremendously gifted pianist. Pianist! It always makes me laugh.


Why don’t you dress in a monochromatic outfit? It’s very chic when you make an outfit of combined similar hues. Today I’m wearing all shades of grey, quite chic, not S&M, which I don’t understand. I’ve also done all blues and all yellow. It’s fantastic.


Why don’t you spend the day at the zoo? Take all the time you’d like on a bench in front of the lion encasement. Leisurely take note of their appearance and behaviors. Try and understand the conversations they have betwixt themselves. Appreciate the looks you get from people wondering why you’re spending your entire day on a bench.


Why don’t you buy a new wastebasket? Karl Lagerfeld says that there is no more important piece of furniture than the trash can. Be chic like him, reader. Get a lovely aluminum bin to toss everything into. You don’t need all that crap piling up in your home.

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