It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, which I’m very sorry for. Fashion is actually one of the only things I’m passionate about, so I’m much remiss to keep you waiting. The list of my passions follows: 1) Writing, 2) Fashion, 3) Travel, 4) Luxury, and 5) Tom Daley.

Luckily for me, I’m able to indulge in all but Tom Daley on a regular basis. I’ve got his 2014 calendar on my wall, though, so I guess that counts. By the way, nobody can rock a bowler hat like Tom — like seriously, it’s amazing. I’m really looking forward to July…sorry, I got off track.

Anyway, I write every day and you can expect to see something available for purchase from me by year’s end, I think. I’m going to experiment with self-publishing a novella (or short story? What’s the difference? Bear with…bear with…I guess it’s some unloved child in the middle. Not quite a novella, but within the realms of short story.) whilst I seek an agent for my other writings.

When it comes to travel, I’m planning a trip to Europe this summer. I hope I get to see my beloved Paris again (how I miss her), London, Cornwall, and perhaps Romania. I’d like to see more and do more, but my salary only gets me so far. PAY ME MORE.

I indulge in luxury whenever I can. As my should-be friend Karl Lagerfeld once said:

LuxuryAnd like any discipline, I devote myself to it. Just wait until you see the post I’m working on about my remodeled bedroom. Luxury doesn’t begin to do it justice. I need to do a few more repairs in there, and then I’ll show it to you. I do expect you to swoon from the eleganza.

And now, to fashion!

Clothes are my main weakness. I can’t resist them and I have no guilt about whipping out my credit card to buy the things I need. Alison clued me in that sunglasses like the ones I’ve been dying for:

W0365are available at Target. I LOVE TARGET! I bought them. I look ama-zayn. Alison is getting married in about a month, so I’ve been getting ready for the wedding. New suit, check, taking it to the tailor soon to get a few adjustments. Just need to find the right shirt to wear beneath it. I’m really excited to show you the shoes I ordered to go with it. Remember when I saw these Yves Saint Laurent?

img_5537Did you swoon? I swooned. Well, it’s sad, but I can’t afford those shoes. I’ve been looking nonstop for a pair of affordable studded shoes and the other night, I finally found them online. Here they are:

2013-11-06 20.02.29God, they’re perfect. I’m going to wear them everywhere. Studs on studs on studs!

Okay, enough updates on me, let’s forge on to the outfits I want.

tumblr_mtvf6hfuf61qg4knho1_1280I’m getting close to being able to pull off this hair, for which I’m super excited. Mine’s currently in the awkward “long but not long enough” stage. Also, I’d wear this to a weekend retreat in an English cottage where I’d walk through the moors and look brooding whilst plotting a novel.

tumblr_mtwnloxZ5n1qg4knho1_400You know how I feel about yellow and cowl neck sweaters, right? I’d marry you if you bought me one. I’ll think I’ll wear this to Brooklyn and observe hipsters.

tumblr_mtwq3hmxFt1qg4knho1_1280I’m loving this scarf. We need to work together to make the men’s scarf a fashionable trend here in America. Together, we can make this great nation a better place.

tumblr_mu7xfmdIyL1qg4knho1_500These are some serious studs, I’m not ever sure I could pull them off, but I could pull off the dramatic trench/peacoat combo with aplomb.

tumblr_mu9cz07uKV1qg4knho1_1280You can see how important scarves are, right?

tumblr_mu9eg91rgt1qg4knho1_500This is the stage I wish my hair was at right now. It used to be, all those years ago. Why was I such a fool to chop it all off? We’ve got months more to go before I make it here. Le sigh…

tumblr_mu9fl7IOqK1qg4knho1_1280You all know how I feel about oxblood and cowl neck sweaters, right? Basically I’ll marry you if you buy me one.

tumblr_mu9kmqeYmQ1qg4knho1_1280Cowl neck! I tried making my hair do this last night, but it was not a success. I will continue practicing. tumblr_mulbsuOg6c1qg4knho1_1280I need this sweater in my life for my continued happiness. Look how thickly it’s knit.

tumblr_muoy8kwdIg1qg4knho1_400I own this sweater. Thought you should know.

tumblr_muy950OAx81qg4knho1_1280I really need to get a trench coat. Please send me one, Burberry, I’ll never stop promoting it. Think of all the free advertisement, all for the cost of a little coat!

tumblr_muzefujEyG1qg4knho1_500I’ve bookmarked this outfit for one of my days on a transatlantic Cunard cruise. I’ve been waiting all my life for that trip! Hopefully I can pull that off for my grand return from Europe. Fingers crossed. (Somebody should really fund these trips. Having to pay for it all myself is exhausting.)

tumblr_muzegnJ1nV1qg4knho1_1280I wish they were my friends. I’d steal my friend’s purple suit after they all passed out from too much good wine. I’d be woozy, too, but conscious enough to get the suit.

tumblr_muzeovIEjF1qg4knho1_1280Burberry and London, two of my favorite things. I just want to be draped in Burberry every day. I’m obsessed with the heart shirt Harry Styles wore to the premiere of the One Direction movie. It’s out of stock, of course, but I am willing to go bankrupt for that shirt. And, look at the cuffs on those trousers. AH! LIFE SHOULD BE LIKE THIS!

tumblr_mv2kvaJGLW1sc6fqho1_500I’d wear this outfit to my New Year’s Day luncheon at my French château. This will happen, reader!

tumblr_mv3f6eyp4h1qg4knho1_1280I need that cardigan like I need oxygen. I’m also deeply intrigued by the hair.

tumblr_mvevbnWQAi1qg4knho1_400Oh, David Gandy, stop being so perfect all the time.

tumblr_mvgrfkgMuP1qg4knho1_500Remember my obsession with yellow pants from awhile back? It’s still going strong. Yellow pants are perfection. I think I’ll copy this outfit soon, I’ve got similar pieces in my wardrobe.

tumblr_mvlt41sq9Z1rnewpzo5_1280I need these pants on my body. They’re amazing. They look like chain mail. Swoon.

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