Why Don’t You #24



Why don’t you go shopping for loads of art supplies and then put them on your desk to give yourself the appearance of a creative type? Even if you don’t have an artistic side, you can always doodle with some handsomely crafted colored pencils in your boredom.


Why don’t you pretend as if you’re living in an episode of Chopped for the week and use up the bits and bobs in your cupboard before you go spend money on more food? I’m going to attempt to make a pasta frittata tonight, but Lord only knows how that’ll turn out.


Why don’t you take a quiz to find out what your Myers-Briggs personality type is and then read a detailed description of the results? I’m completely fascinated by how very similar I am to my type: an INTP.


Why don’t you spend the evening in a town nearby that you never visit and explore the varied offerings? Yesterday, I went to Ames for the night and went to a pub and a horrible bakery and then saw a film. I rarely go to Ames; it was alright. Des Moines is still better.


Why don’t you go to a very exclusive department store and buy some exercise equipment in front of your friends so that you display your aristocratic taste in fitness? You needn’t actually exercise, just show that you could.

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