Why Don’t You #28



Why don’t you take some time to clean up your DVR? They can so easily become overwhelming. Mine is stuffed to the bursting with old movies starring Joan Crawford, Joan Fontaine, and Marlene Dietrich. I never seem to have time to watch them, but I need to make a better effort to. AND, I need to stop taping some shows. There’s just too much!


Why don’t you visit your local Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and stock up on delicious frozen meals? These two shops are the only places in America I’ve found acceptable readymade food. All the rest is absolute shit. You’ll have to try several before you pick the brand you find tastiest. It’ll be so nice to warm up something actually decent for once without cooking.


Why don’t you sign up for a free online class in a subject that intrigues you? I signed up for an archaeology course on www.coursera.com and am having a delightful time. There is a plethora of different topics to broaden your mind.


Why don’t you go and see every film now playing at your local theater? Perhaps this is something that most people already do, but it’s a relatively new idea for me. I rarely go to the cinema, but it’s rather a good time.


Why don’t you upload all of your physical music to iTunes, turn on iTunes Match, and then relieve yourself of the burden of them on your shelves. It’s not as if anybody listens to CDs anymore. I don’t even have a CD player.

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