Things I Loved/Hated This Week #111


Writing Only About Positive Subjects:


I am bored to tears with trying to be perky all the damn time with this weekly post. It was a little experiment that I tried with myself. Oprah went on at length one day when I was home sick in high school about the power of positive thought, and for some reason, I heard her voice talking to me a while back when I decided to switch to all LOVES here. Well, I’m over it! I’m not a negative person, but it is joyful to share about the things I hate, just as much as the ones that I truly enjoy! So, the hate is back, and I have never felt a greater sense of relief in my life. Of course I have, that was hyperbole, a literary device. But I’m still thrilled! Joan Rivers would be proud of me.


“Rhythm Inside” by Loïc Nottet:

Eurovision this year wasn’t quite as spectacular as it has been in years past. There weren’t opera singing vampires, butter churning maidens, cookie baking grannies, or gnomes riding unicycles. These absurd acts are the reason people all across the world tune in to this spectacular musical extravaganza. None of us are here for actual talent or witty lyricism. We want campy costumes, ridiculous songs, and perhaps a bearded lady. Unfortunately, the majority of the entries this year decided to sing ballads. Why? It makes no sense. Nobody likes ballads. Nobody wants to hear a ballad. We want pop or madness or a power anthem about equality. Thankfully, though, one act shone and kept my interest piqued. Loïc Nottet’s “Rhythm Inside,” was the entry from Belgium, and it was flawless. The young man has a stunning voice that is very distinctive, and the song itself is a fun delight. Besides that, he wore a very becoming asymmetrical coat and did these wonderful rhythmic dance moves that made him look like Frankenstein’s monster come to life, only much more handsomely. I repeatedly tweeted Loïc my deep affection, but so far he has not responded. I’m sure our wedding is coming up soon. Bless him for bringing some fun to Eurovision in a year when it was sincerely lacking.

Spiced Lentils:


I have written before about lentils, many times if I remember correctly, but my passion for the legume still burns brightly. Last night I was desperate for some Egyptian street food, but Cairo is a bit too far to venture for dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I totally would, but I had work to go to the next day. Le sigh… Instead, I found some lentils in the cupboard and made a kind of spiced mash with onions, garlic, and split peas. It was quite tasty, especially with a baked egg on top. For tonight’s serving, though, I am going to do a couple poached eggs. I’m not very successful with baked eggs, they never seem to bake completely unless the majority of my dish is made of eggs. I’m off track. It was tasty and it felt rather Middle Eastern. I need to figure out how to make fresh Egyptian bread. That would make it perfect. (This) recipe is what I used for inspiration. Give it a try, reader. You might be delighted.

The Sweet Feeling of Freedom:


Much like the famed Maya Angelou, I know why the caged bird sings. I haven’t read the book, yet, mind you, but I’m assuming the main character is a student and the end of the year is upon them. Probably not, but that’s my situation. Except I’m one of the adults now. Weird. I look forward to breaks now more than I ever did as a student, and that is saying something truly tremendous, since I longed for nothing more than holiday breaks when I was in high school. I like being an adult way better than a teenager, though. I can do whatever the hell I want, and I do. When school gets out, I can resume my vampire-like sleeping schedule, I can garden all day, I can tan at the prime UV, I can catch up on my shows, I can work on my writing, I can bake elaborate pastries, and I can do wacky experiments with my hair. I can’t wait. Only two more days to get through. I can do this. I can. I can taste the freedom coming my way. (I enjoy my job tremendously, by the way, I just love having time off. If I could afford it, I’d be on vacation all year long!)

Joan Rivers Exhibit:


I have often thought that the things happening in certain cities at certain times are providentially inclined for my satisfaction. Like when I had the inkling to go to DC and then Angela Lansbury’s play came to town. Things like this happen too often to be a coincidence, so I have reason to believe that Joan Rivers is smiling down upon me from wherever she happens to be. You see, I will be in Los Angeles in July, and it was just announced last night that the Grammy Museum in that wonderful city is going to have an exhibit all about her life. I wept real tears, reader, when I saw the news on her daughter’s Instagram. As you all know too well, Joan Rivers has been a tremendous impact and influence on my life and personality, so I am excited to visit the exhibit and celebrate her life once again. Truly, I will never get over her death. There seem to be certain people and animals that live forever with you. Joan and my cat Tiger will always be in my heart. I’m going to be a weeping mess. Jessica will surely be mortified. I can’t wait.

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