Why don’t you start each day with a mimosa? If I didn’t work in public education, I’d take my own advice. I had the past week off, so I made the most delicious breakfast cocktail. I don’t know what the name is for this, but I’m just going to call it a passion fruit mimosa. I poured some concentrate I found at my favorite Mexican grocery store into my beloved gilded champagne flute, then topped it with some great champagne I found at ALDI. Divine. I was in such a good mood!


Why don’t you go to your local Mexican grocery store and peruse the many health teas available for purchase? The other day, I grabbed a package of something that was supposed to give me energy. It tastes and looks identical to chamomile, so I really don’t know what it is, and I certainly didn’t feel more energetic, but it was a fun way to spend a dollar. Like I told you ages ago, the tea I bought from a witch in Mexico City really did make me feel lively — I do wonder what’s in there. Perhaps it’s best not to know?


Why don’t you revisit an old hobby of yours that you’ve let go dormant? I adore baking, you know that, this website originally spawned out of my pastry school experience. (I recently went back and read some of those — dear god I’m endlessly sorry about how poorly I wrote and how much I complained!) Now that my classes are done until January, I’ve been dealing with free time and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s really weird. Last night I made a passion fruit cake that was LIT and then some buckwheat chocolate chip cookies that were amazing. I was having so much fun. So many dishes, though. Thank Buddha for my dishwasher. Do what you love, reader.


Why don’t you blindly rummage through your clothes and build an outfit based on the first thing your hand touches? I have been incredibly uninspired lately when it comes to my attire, so I looked for something new in desperation. Using my suggestion, I found a black and white striped T-shirt that I forgot I owned. I paired this with an oversized black and white lady’s blouse I found at Goodwill. I’m living my best life. I look amazing.


Why don’t you digitize all the documents in your life to preserve them for the future? I just watched a news segment about a man working to archive as many books as he can from a monastic library in case those fuckers from ISIL show up and burn the place down. It was absolutely fascinating and I quite idolized him. In another life, I’d quite like to be an archivist for ancient documents. Maybe I will still. Life is very long after all and I will never have just one job… Anyway, I was so delighted by his efforts and it made me think. When I finally croak, there’s a strong possibility that all my many writings and pictures and art will be lost forever. Tossed in the trash, recycled, used to insulate walls or whatever. If I save it now, though, future historians and archaeologists will have a well rounded snapshot of my life. I’m always thinking about this. I’m going to organize everything…my legacy.

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