Why Don’t You? #13



Why don’t you try out a new grocery store for your sundry goods? It’s good fun to wonder around the aisles you’re unfamiliar with and trying out all sort of things. And while you’re at it, why don’t you start using the word “sundry”?


Why don’t you change all the switch and outlet covers in your house to something chic? Most homes are filled with those depressing, beige, plastic ones. Get something in sliver or bronze with a touch of pizzazz. Life needn’t be so common.


Why don’t you go to a tea shop and try out some new varieties. I was recently at Teavana and tried their Citrus Jade Green with Mint tea and it took me straight back to the Mosquée de Paris. I need to get some.


Why don’t you go out and buy a variety of wigs to wear when the inspiration or fancy strikes you? You needn’t do this around your friends, family, or coworkers, but think what a delight it’d be to wander around the town in your new persona.


Why don’t you eat a cookie and then take a nap? There’s nothing more wonderful than naps; be sure to do them properly, though. A half hour nap is going to make you more groggy, but a twenty minute nap or a ninety minute one will get you awfully alert.

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